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Rehabilitation after surgery of the spine, hip, knees and other organs of the musculoskeletal system, also referred to as post-operative rehabilitation: a special branch of medical rehabilitation which determines the success of the procedure. It can be used both before and after the surgery, especially in the case of arthroscopy and arthroplasty of joints. Post-operative rehabilitation of orthopaedic patients at ENEL-SPORT facilities enables to restore their full physical fitness.

Post-operative rehabilitation is an important part of the procedure that would otherwise not bring the expected spectacular results. If performed before the surgery, it allows the patient to be well prepared for it. Post-operative rehabilitation of orthopaedic patients is necessary to regain full mobility after the surgery. Its form and course depend on the past or planned surgery and the patient’s condition. Do you need rehabilitation after hip, spine or knee surgery? Make an appointment at your selected ENEL-SPORT facility in Warsaw or Łódź.

Rehabilitation after surgical


When to visit a therapist?

Rehabilitation after a procedure consists of extensive steps taken after surgeries. Therefore, it is perfectly suited for patients who have undergone (or are planning to undergo) a procedure to restore the functioning of their locomotive organs (such as bones, joints or soft tissues). Various forms of therapy are available at ENEL-SPORT facilities, such as:

  • rehabilitation after spinal surgeries,
  • rehabilitation after upper and lower limb surgeries,
  • rehabilitation after arthroscopic and arthroplastic procedures,
  • rehabilitation after knee surgeries (e.g. arthroscopy or arthroplasty of the knee joint),
  • rehabilitation after arthroscopy of the shoulder,
  • rehabilitation after arthroscopy of the ankle,
  • rehabilitation after hip surgeries (e.g. arthroscopy or arthroplasty of the hip joint),
  • rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction,
  • other post-operative rehabilitation for orthopaedic patients.

Exercises and treatments individually selected by the therapist can restore the muscle strength and joint function. They also improve the overall motor coordination, enabling quick and safe recovery. Apart from the steps taken after surgeries, pre-operative rehabilitation is also an important part of the surgical treatment. It helps the patient prepare for a planned treatment (e.g. improves the stability of the relevant joint).

What does the visit look like?


Post-operative rehabilitation is usually preceded by a consultation with an orthopaedist. However, you do not need a referral in order to use pre- or post-operative rehabilitation at ENEL-SPORT facilities. During your first visit, your doctor will collect your detail history. Based on the interview, your medical records and your hospital discharge summary, your doctor will determine the expected length and course of your therapy. Therefore, remember to take the following items with you for your first visit:

  • an identification document,
  • a hospital discharge summary,
  • full medical records,
  • a referral from a doctor (if available),
  • comfortable sports outfit.

Pre- and post-operative rehabilitation of orthopaedic patients is a long process that can be divided into the following stages:

  • pre-operative rehabilitation: prepares the patient and their locomotor system for the proper post-operative rehabilitation;
  • early post-operative rehabilitation: reduces pain and swelling after the surgery, and introduces manual therapy, early mobilisation and initial training on how to perform exercises;
  • rehabilitation proper: follows physiotherapy protocols depending on the surgery performed;
  • final rehabilitation: strives for the correct range of movement, correct muscle strength and full body stabilisation (results of the rehabilitation should be confirmed with the use of full functional diagnostics);
  • special rehabilitation: intended for athletes; includes professional functional training to prepare the patient for resumption of their sport discipline.

Treatment methods


In order to achieve the best possible results and adapt the form of rehabilitation to the needs of patients, post-operative rehabilitation of orthopaedic patients uses several methods. They can be used simultaneously or separately. These include, among others:

  • physical therapy: the patient’s body is subjected to several physical stimuli, e.g. various currents;
  • extensive early manual therapy: appropriate compression on the patient’s body, performed by a qualified therapist;
  • sets of exercises: performed on rehabilitation equipment or by patients themselves;
  • functional training: intensive exercises to strengthen respective parts of the body.

Post-operative rehabilitation at ENEL-SPORT facilities is carried out using modern rehabilitation equipment. These include Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill that enables recovery and gradual improvement. Its operation is based on the differential pressure technology developed by NASA that minimises the strain caused by running or walking. This makes training completely painless, even for people after injuries or orthopaedic procedures.