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About medical packages

It is time to return to physical activity. Return to exercise. Heal overdue injuries. Take care of yourself. And enjoy life. In the interest of our patients, we have prepared a series of several medical packages: orthopaedic, cardiac, nutritional and sports medicine.

The packages have been created to meet your expectations and allow you to comprehensively address your problems.

After the difficult time of the height of the pandemic, the time has come to deal with problems that have been set aside for some time. To encourage you to return to physical activity, which will certainly improve your life, we are launching a series of medical packages in the following areas:

  • orthopaedics
  • cardiology
  • nutrition
  • sports medicine

The packages aim to comprehensively address your problems. Enel-sport specialists will provide services in the field of diagnostics, treatment, as well as rehabilitation.

Package services are cheaper than provided individually.