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How to play golf and improve your health?


Author: Team enel-sport
Time posted: 05.07.2019

Learn how to improve your golf technique to avoid injury, ensure good health condition and play more effectively. – Golf is primarily about precision and coordination built on repetition and proper motion technique, says physiotherapy specialist Dr Remigiusz Rzepka.

Does golf require physical preparation?

Golf is definitely a sport that requires good physical preparation. Golf is primarily about precision and coordination built on repetition and proper motion technique to ensure safety. At enel-sport clinics we have seen amateur players who have hurt themselves by having a bad technique and continuously repeating it. They used the golf club incorrectly for their body. A golf stroke has specific biodynamic parameters. We know how the lower and upper parts of our body should be positioned, what our posture should look like, the placement of the legs, and the importance of mobility in the hip. The force of the stroke is what’s important, so above all the ilio-pelvic-lumbar complex is important here. Biodynamic correctness is based on range of motion and stability coordination, which are precisely what we check during a visit to enel-sport. If the player does not physically prepare himself to ensure proper technique, he may suffer strain in the musculoskeletal system, and will not achieve the optimal stroke technique or, which is very important in golf, repetition. Those who have a very good stroke once, but the rest of the time hit the ball weakly, will not be able to repeat a good pattern while training or during the game.

Golf – which side of the body is used more: right or left?

Golf is a very one-sided sport involving predominantly one side of the body, depending on whether we are right- or left-handed. That is why in physical preparation and prevention it is necessary to also consider the less active side of the body. Often, this allows you to significantly improve the dominant side, as well as increase safety because we are taking care of both sides of the body. This also occurs in other sports, such as tennis or sports involving throwing. A doctor who worked with a star thrower told me about breaking a barrier in this athlete precisely by working on his less active side of the body. It helps improve coordination, engage the entire body, and improve the work of less active areas, which often allows you to take the next step forward. Sometimes it is this breakthrough step that opens the door to a new, previously inaccessible level. Added to this is, of course, the extremely important injury prevention, where working out both sides of the body is very important.

Lack of proper preparation in golf

Golf players develop dysfunctions depending on their individual technique, physical form and motor skills. Some experience elbow joint strains, the famous “golfer’s elbow”, others will have a problem with the spine, or, if they have very poor technique, problems with the knee joint. Lack of proper posture, body positioning and weight shifting on impact can cause health problems in various parts of the body, depending on the individual.

How to play golf more safely?

Come to enel-sport to meet with a motor skills coach who understands golf and can assess your technique to identify any weak areas in the positioning and movement of your hips and upper body. If necessary, he will develop a plan of corrective exercises to improve your golf technique. At enel-sport we have patients who are successful amateur golfers in whom we have seen quick improvement in terms of their fitness and playing level. Our training involves corrective exercises and improving the stroke, i.e. training specifically aimed at golfers. At the end of each class, the student picks up a golf club and performs a simulated stroke that is recorded to show the difference and progress after the training. In Warsaw, we have an area to practice close by so within fifteen minutes after training you can check your progress and the effects of training and working with a specialist. Players return to us motivated to continue working because they see the effects. Proper physical preparation gives golfers a great advantage and allows them to improve safely. This is simply the right way to do it.