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Spine rehabilitation is a type of medical rehabilitation that deals with treatment of dysfunctions of the cervical and thoracic spine as well as of the lumbopelvic hip complex. It is recommended both for patients after surgeries as well as those suffering from pain in this part of their body. Would you like to forget about your spinal problems once and for all? Use the professional spine rehabilitation in Łódź or Warsaw at ENEL-SPORT facilities.

The spine is the most important part of the human skeleton. It supports the body, enables its movement, and protects the spinal cord. It consists of five sections: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, and coccygeal. Pain in any of these sections makes it difficult to move (especially when doing sports) and significantly reduces the quality of life. Spine rehabilitation will help you get rid of the pain associated with discopathy, sciatica or other diseases of this organ. If you want to use the services, please make an appointment for spine rehabilitation in Łódź or Warsaw at one of our facilities.

Spine rehabilitation for adults

When to visit a doctor?

A healthy backbone is the core of your well-being and, therefore, requires special care. Spinal rehabilitation can be used both after a surgery affecting this part of the body as well as to prevent pain. It can also consist of conservative rehabilitation in treatment of its chronic ailments. Visit a doctor if:

  • you have had a surgery on one of the five sections of the spine (or are planning to undergo such a surgery),
  • you suffer from spine pain due to overload,
  • you suffer from cervical, lumbar or thoracic discopathy,
  • you suffer from myofascial pain,
  • you have difficulty maintaining a proper posture,
  • you would like to choose the right exercises to prevent spinal pain.

Thanks to specialist spine rehabilitation, you will get rid of the ailments and improve the comfort of your life.

Do you suffer from symptoms associated with other locomotive organs? At ENEL-SPORT facilities, you can also make use of the extensive orthopaedic rehabilitation. The youngest patients can also count on our specialists’ help as part of orthopaedic rehabilitation for children and young people.

What does the visit look like?

Spine rehabilitation is usually preceded by a visit to an orthopaedist. However, if you would like to use private spine rehabilitation in Łódź or Warsaw at one of our facilities, you do not need a referral: our specialists will obtain the relevant diagnosis and use it to select the appropriate form and length of your therapy. Therefore, please take the following items with you for your first visit:

  • an identification document,
  • a hospital discharge summary (if available),
  • medical records.

In order to make a diagnosis and select the appropriate exercises, ENEL-SPORT specialists use extensive functional and biomechanical diagnostics. This enables them to identify the cause of increased loads on the spine. The tests resemble training at the gym, so please remember to take a comfortable sports outfit that does not hinder your movements.

Treatment methods

In order to achieve the best results of spinal rehabilitation, ENEL-SPORT specialists use several therapeutic methods that depend on the patient’s needs. These include, among others:

  • manual therapy: appropriate compression of selected areas on the body, performed by an experienced therapist. It uses modern methods of work that ensure fast and long-lasting results;
  • physical therapy: supportive therapy in which various physical factors affect the patient’s body. It uses, among others, the shockwave, Comp electrotherapy system or Winback Tecar device that accelerates cell regeneration thanks to a current of a properly selected frequency;
  • functional physiotherapy: training of new postural strategies to protect the spine from heavy loads.