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Regeneration after a record start

Author: Redakcja enel-sport
Time posted: 17.03.2021

Regeneration is another key aspect of a professional athlete’s training, which translates into achieving even better results. Marcin Lewandowski knows this very well, and the day after breaking the Polish indoor record in the 1,500-metre race, he underwent a series of biological regeneration treatments at enel-sport in Warsaw.

On 17 February 2021, Marcin Lewandowski set a new Polish record in the indoor 1500-metre race in Toruń. As part of training for the next events: the indoor European championships, and above all the summer Olympic Games, one of the most successful Polish athletes arrived at enel-sport the next day to undergo a series of biological regeneration treatments.

– I always tell amateur runners that you shouldn’t just see a physiotherapist when something hurts, but to prevent anything from hurting, he stressed while undergoing treatment at our Łazienkowska centre in Warsaw.

Regeneration should be an integral part of an athlete’s training. Thanks to biological regeneration, our body will increase its training possibilities, and at the same time regenerate better – which helps counteract injuries and micro-injuries, explains Bartosz Sieradzki, physiotherapist at enel-sport.

The enel-sport offer includes a series of comprehensive treatments in the field of biological regeneration, aimed at both professional athletes and amateurs.

For example, we offer the Game Ready treatment, which consists of cooling and compressing the tissues. In addition, a high-frequency magnetic field with a muscle relaxation program that reduces muscle tension, lists Bartosz Sieradzki.

Regeneration is the basis of my training and today I had the opportunity to experience it in a modern style. Such devices are great! Long after the treatments I still felt a slight tingling in my legs, said Marcin Lewandowski.

Treatments at enel-sport brought the expected results – two weeks later the Polish representative won the silver medal at the 1,500-metre European indoor championships. Since mid-March, he has been focusing on training for the Summer Olympics, which will be held in Tokyo this summer.