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Marcin Błoński

Centrum Hospital al. Solidarności 128 street, Warsawenel-sport Łazienkowska, Łazienkowska 3 street

My name is Marcin Błoński and I am an orthopaedist at enel-sport (Łazienkowska 3 in Warsaw).

I specialise in:

  • orthopaedics and trauma of the musculoskeletal system
  • general orthopaedics

I have comprehensive experience in the conservative and surgical treatment of patients with orthopaedic problems. Most often I perform the following procedures:

  • knee arthroscopy (reconstructive and repair procedures)
  • trauma surgery of the musculoskeletal system (fractures, ligament injuries)
  • treatment of bone union (pseudoarthrosis)
  • correction of limb length and axis
  • elbow joint surgery

I am a graduate of the Medical Academy in Warsaw.

I have experience working with professional athletes of the Polish Basketball Association.