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Lewandowski: warming up is the most important thing

Author: Redakcja enel-sport
Time posted: 14.01.2021

It’s boring, tedious and disliked by athletes, both professionals and amateurs. That’s right, we are talking about the pre-work-out warm-up. At enel-sport, we understand how important warm-ups are to our training. Together with Marcin Lewandowski, we will try to convince you as well.

We all know the drill: a work-out squeezed between work and home responsibilities in the evening. You managed to find 45-60 minutes just for yourself. You put on your shoes and get going. It’s great that you managed to motivate yourself to work out but please don’t forget to warm up!

– Sometimes people ask: what can a warm-up do for me? I always tell them: a lot, says Marcin Lewandowski, one of the best Polish runners in the history of athletics, a bronze medallist in the 1,500-metre world championship and the 800-metre European champion. Together with enel-sport specialists, he has created the “Positive runner’s guide” – a set of materials that will make running easier and more enjoyable.

The warm-up helps prepare our body for the work-out, but also reduces the risk of injury, says Przemysław Malinowski, physiotherapist at enel-sport Łazienkowska.

Reducing the risk of injury is one thing, but warming up simply translates into better results. Warming up will make your stride looser and longer. If we take 10,000 steps over a distance of 10 kilometres, then by gaining 4 centimetres per step we cover this distance two minutes faster, says Lewandowski.

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