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Surgical procedures

Orthopaedics and locomotor system traumatology involves the diagnosis and treatment of osteoarticular and muscular system diseases and injuries. Orthopaedic problems often cause pain and make it difficult for you to work, go about your daily routines or do sports professionally.

At Centrum Hospital, we employ the best orthopaedists in their fields and have operating theatres with state-of-the-art equipment. We cooperate only with proven suppliers of orthopaedic equipment and implants. We use innovative arthroscopic surgery instruments which make it possible to increase the precision of surgical interventions, shorten hospital stay and ensure quick recovery.

In the treatment of orthopaedic diseases, we use both conventional and minimally invasive techniques, and offer innovative procedures.

Orthopaedic procedures include the following:

Joint arthroplasty (also referred to as alloplasty) – reconstruction surgery of joints:

  • knee endoprosthesis,
  • hip endoprosthesis,
  • shoulder endoprosthesis,

Diagnostic and therapeutic arthroscopy of joints – insertion, guided by an endoscopic camera, of miniature surgical instruments into joints:

  • knee arthroscopy,
  • shoulder arthroscopy,
  • hip arthroscopy,
  • wrist arthroscopy,

Specialist procedures are performed for damaged muscles, tendons and ligaments (tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow),

Correction of congenital and acquired limb defects and deformations (e.g. bunions),