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Mgr Marcin Ciosek

enel-sport Myśliwiecka, Myśliwiecka 4A street

My name is Marcin Ciosek and I am a physiotherapist at enel-sport (Myśliwiecka 4A in Warsaw).

I specialise in the physiotherapy of the:

  • shoulder
  • knees
  • spine
  • elbow
  • ankle joint

I am a graduate of the Świętokrzyska Academy in Kielce. I gained my skills in specialist courses, including PNF, Plaatsman concept manual therapy, and functional assessment of athletes for planning and implementing motor training.

I have experience in working with professional athletes – since 2010 I am a physiotherapist for the Polish national swimming team, with whom I have been at world and European championships. For three years I also worked with basketball players from Polonia Warsaw.